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CAG (Coronary Artery Angiography) Package Promotion


Coronary Artery is the Source of Life

CAG Promotion Package

CAG Transfemoral
33,000 Baht


CAG Transradial
45,000 Baht

Package conditions

1. For Elective case only

2. Pre Cath costs, Room and Board expenses required after CAG operation are not included

3. Emergency Ambulance, OPD clinic, Pre and Post-OP medicine, Home medicine are not included

4. Personal expenses, Congenital disease and complications are not included

5. Blood pressure medicine, arrythmia medicine, pace maker, extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO) and anti-coaggulent medicine are not included

6. If Ultravist (50ml) is used, the current price shall apply, at 1,200 Baht

For more information, contact,
Samitivej Sriracha Cardiovascular Center
📞 038-320300 ext. 4171-2



詳細については 電話 038-320-300