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Fatty Liver Disease: Silent Killer


Fatty Liver

Fatty Liver is the condition wherein there is 5-10% fat ration in the liver. This is usually in the form of Triglycerides fat tissues which can be found in 10-35% of the population.


Can be divided into 2 groups:

  • alcohol fatty liver disease found in people who drink alcohol
  • non-alcoholic fatty liver disease found in people at risk by other means than alcohol consumption, such as, obesity, diabetes, high cholestrol, consumption of transfat and sugar, sudden weight loss and including medical side effects, such as, chemotherapy drug, steroids, for example.

Symptoms of fatty liver

At the onset of this condition there could be little to none symptoms. Usually found by ultrasound investigation and in blood sample wherein abnormal enzymes are discovered. However, if the fat tissues continue to build up within the liver without treament could lead to inflammation, and finally Cirrhosis.

Fatty liver screening

From present condition, history, physical examination, ultrasound and other methods, such as, fibroscan.

Stages of Fatty Liver

  • 1st stage: build up of fatty tissues, no inflammation
  • 2nd stage: beginning of inflammation, at this stage if the issue is not treated longer than 6 months could lead to permanent liver inflammation
  • 3rd stage: severe inflammation and deterioration of the liver
  • 4th stage: the liver has deteriorated to the point of Cirrhosis


  • Weight loss
  • Exercise
  • Consumption of the following food that have been reported to help reduce fatty liver:
  • Spinach, kelp, avocado which are high in fiber
  • Detoxified foods, such as, cauliflower, broocoli, onion, garlic
  • Omega 3 rich food and fish, such as, salmon, sardine, tune and olive oil, walnut - which have been shown to reduce inflammation
  • High antioxidant food, such as, sunflower seeds which is high in vitamin E, pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds
  • Herb and other supplementary food, such as, Milk Thistle, ALA and NAC which have the basic compound of glutathione which is an antioxidant substance, silimarin which has the ability as antioxidant, anti-inflammation and help rebuild liver
  • Green tea helps reduce the absorbsion of fat
  • Vitamin that helps with fatty liver, such as, Vitamin E, antioxidant, Vitamin B and magnesium
  • Reduce consumption of alcohol
  • Reduce food with high transfat and sugar, such as, milk, cheese, seafood, ice cream


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