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Coronary Artery Disease



      The changing lifestyle of the current generation has dramatically shifted from the past. Especially those living in the city with straining work life. Many are under stress and do not frequently exercise. While some smoke and drink heavily. Diet is mostly consisted of take-out food, fast foods and TV dinners which answers the eat-and-go lifestyle. Mosat of these foods have beenb prepared with high satuarated fat which is the cause of many diseases and conditions. Among the most common conditions derived from fast foods and food with high saturated fat content is coronary artery disease which is on the rise in Thailand. The coronary artery disease is irreversible and must rely on medication the entire life. Coronary artery disease occurs when there is calcify build up within the blood vessels creating blockage or causing the blood vessels to burst cutting off blood flow to the heart. There are many cuases of blood vessels bloackages, some are preventable others are non-preventable, such as, congenital diseases (diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol) body mass and lifestyles, such as, diet, drinking habits, smoking habits including stress, the non-preventable causes include age, sex and ethnicity.


There are 2 Types of Coronary Artery Disease


Acute Coronary Artery Disease

     There is high chance of fetality if patients do not consult physicians immediately. The symptoms are fatigue, chest pains in the middle of the chest and increase in frequency even under situation with little to no stress. There might be other symptoms that accompanies the main conditions, such as, heart palpatation, pespiration, difficulty breathing. At the onset of coronary artery disease the patients the condition may be fetal or life theratening. This depends on the severity of the conditions and the length of the symptoms left unterested. Therefore, it is imperative to consult physicians immediately, preferrably within 6-12 hours of the onset of the symptoms to widen the blocked blood vessels by giving anti-coagulant drug or balloon angiography.


Chronic Coronary Artery Disease

      This is a gradual development which the body slowly shows signs of coronary artery disease over time. This condition usually co-exist with exercise, such as, walking, exertion, walking up stairs the accompanied symptoms are chest pains that would cease when rested sometimes accompanied by a shooting pain from the left shoulder to the jaw bone. If these conditions occur consult physicians immediately.




         In case of minor condition the main treatment is a change of lifestyle and medication administration. The Coronary artery disease is a life long treatment through medication to decrease the build up of fatty tissues along with correct diet and exercise. In case of servere condition which causes the blockage of blood vessels and reduce the inflow of blood, patient will receive catheterization via balloon. Cardiac catheterization is performed by injecting the body with medical contrast medium to inspect the blood vessels to investigate the severity of the blockage and heart strength and heart valves.


        The pressure within the heart and heart chambers can also be measured through Fermoral Artery and Radial Artery. Each method will be decided by the attending doctor. After cardiac catheterization to investigate the bloackage of blood vessels a balloon will be deposited to enlarge the inflow of blood. The insertion of balloon or stent is to widen the gap in the blood vessels where fatty tissue deposit is biulding up to accomodate blood flow. In case of multiple areas of blockage a bypass maybe performed.


        In case of patients at risk of coronary artery disease physician may recommend investigating coronary calcium score via Calcium Score CT machine with high accuracy.


Prevention First


        Current techonological advancements will continue to progress and giving us better and more accurate treatment. However, the best medicine is exercise and healthy living which acts as a shield from outside influences, such as, illness and diseases. A change in lifestyle is recommended for everyone to reduce risk and increase strength and immunity. Diet is also very important substitute fish for meat or skinned chicken and high fiber diet, such as, fruits and vegetables. Reduce comsumption of high cholesterol food especially ldl based food, such as, deep fried food and red meat. The cooking oil should be rice bran oil. And exercise is very important, especially arobics which concentrates on the exercise of lung and heart for 3 days week for 15 minutes each. The habits to avoid are smoking and get plenty of rest and regular check-up.



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