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Dengue Fever


Dengue Fever is brought on by the virus genus "Dengue"

Aedes mosquitoes are carriers, this virus attackes both adults and children.


- Acute onset of fever, loss of appetite, red face, headaches, vomit
- Rashes and red spots on body, arms, legs or black stool
- Dengue shock as fever subsides, cold hands and feet, low but fast puls
- Enlarged liver, pain in the sides when applied prssure


- Take "Paracetamol" do not take aspirin
- Drink a lot of fluid or electrolytes

If presents with stomachaches, lethargic, uneasiness, cold hands and feet once fever subsides consult physician immediately

Prevention and reCommendations

- If Dengue Fever is suspected consult physician immediately
- Prevent mosquito bites by sleeping in mosquito nets, install window and door screens, apply mosquito repellent
- Eradicate mosquito breeding ground, water-logged areas, apply temephos around the house and keep common areas clean

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