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Wellness Center

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Wellness Center at Samitivej Sriracha Hospital

Because good health is the true values of life

“Ailment” is one of the certainties of life. No one can avoid it. But it is always better to prevent and safeguard against rather than seek treatments. “No one in this world would like to get sick.” The question is how we can protect ourselves. The answer is through “health promotion” and “disease prevention” to maintain good health.

“Health promoption” and “disease prevention” are becoming more, and more important in everyday life. For example, the different types of chronic non-contegious disease groups which are on the rise. This group of diseases causes complications and other underlying conditions that impact the poppulation and society on multiple fronts. On the economic front, these types of diseases cost Thailand well over 200 billion baht annually. And the best solution is to promote disease prevention program through changes of habits and health promotion.

Health promotion encourages the public to improve and increase health consciences regarding their bodies, their minds and their impact on the society. The self is the most important element in health promotion, as “health” reflects the values of life - not a byproduct (we want to obtain healthy living in order to enjoy life and not living life to obtain healthy living).

That is why Samitivej Sriracha Wellness Center is the driving force behind the public health check-up programs to promote immunity systems and safeguard against possible exterior factors and the environment. We provide fast and accurate health plans according to professional conducts and ethics with clients’ rights in mind. Each patient will receive information and will be involved in the decision-making processes regarding procedures and tests under international standards. Each will also receive healthcare advice on how best to look after oneself and the best course of action to maintain their well-being. If needed, each patient will be recommended and referred to follow-up specialists in various fields for thorough examinations and treatments. We are here to assist in all healthcare concerns.

The Samitivej Sriracha Hospital Wellness Center has many services and procedures available, such as:

We offer a large selection of health check-up program options and packages, including:

  • Pre-life insurance health check-up performed by a physician appointed by the insurance company
  • Pre-school health check-up
  • Pre-employment health check-up
  • Health check-up for visa and work permit (for non-Thais)
  • Health check-up for obtaining a driving license
  • Mobile health check-up
  • General health check-Up
  • Annual health check-up
  • Pre-employment health check-up
  • Health check-up for corporate employees
  • Health check-up before traveling overseas
  • Silver package health check-up program
  • Vaccinations against influenza and other common viruses

We offer screening for numerous health conditions, including:

  • ABO blood type
  • Rh Factor presence to determine if precautions must be taken during pregnancy
  • Complete Blood Count (CBC) to detect underlying medical conditions
  • Venereal Disease Research Laboratory (VDRL) test for syphilis and other conditions
  • HBsAg for hepatitis B
  • Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV)
  • Rubella IgG to confirm the presence of immunity to the rubella virus
  • Hemoglobin (HB) typing to test for abnormal hemoglobin
  • Breast cancer (mammogram)
  • Bone density and osteoporosis

Our Facilities and Medical Technologies

  • Private examination and consultation rooms
  • VIP examination suite and VIP lounge
  • Vital signs and visual activity check-up rooms
  • Electrocardiogram (EKG) rooms
  • Pelvic examination room
  • Complete imaging and lab facilities
  • Private room for consultation and health check-up
  • Waiting area
  • Room for blood test
  • Brachial index test room
  • X-ray and radiography room
  • Room for checking pulse and vital signs
  • Eye screening test room
  • Private room for examining women only
  • Hearing test room
  • Room for assessing body composition
  • Radiography room
  • Exercise stress test equipment

Vaccination in adults and elderly usually go unheeded. Many believe that the vaccines they had received at a younger age will suffice. But in truth, certain types of vaccines will degrade over time and may cause a decline in the body immune systems. Some of the more important vaccines that adults and elderly need are: diabetes and pulmonary emphysema. Those lacking such vaccination may easily contract complications and infections compared to those who receive boosters at later stages in life.

The Wellness Center emphasizes on the importance of health promotion through vaccination. There are professional teams of doctors and nurses on duty daily for adults and elderly consultations and examinations.

Samitivej Sriracha Hospital Wellness Center opens daily and provides complete health plan programs conducted by specialists that suit each individual.

Office Hours: Daily: 07:00 – 16:00 hr. Tel: 038-320300 Ext. 3105-7