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Digital Replantation
                A surgical operation with the use of microscope in reconnecting blood veins and nerves. This type of surgery has been constantly improved upon since its inception. Currently this type of surgery is considered very reliable.

​                The injuries to the patient’s appendages can be corrected with the severed fingers delivered to the hospital. Before arriving at the hospital the wounds must be cleansed with clean water. The severed digits must be wrapped with damp towel in a closed plastic bag placed on ice. The severed digits must not come into direct contact with the ice. The stump of the severed appendage must be wrapped tightly in towel to prevent blood loss. The stump should not be treated with tourniquet technique which would result in damage to the blood vessels. The patient should be transported to the nearest hospital as quickly as possible. The sooner the patient is admitted the greater the chance of reattaching the appendages. The longer one waits to see a doctor the more likely the wounds would suffer from blood loss and the less likely of reattachment.

Once the patient arrives at the hospital the doctor will evaluate his conditions, as follows:

1 Severed big thumb

2 Multiple fingers severed

3 Severed digits in children

4 Severed digits at the ends of the knuckles of fingers

However, if the following conditions are met the doctor may advise a different method of surgery, as follows:

1 The severed digits suffer severe trauma and surgery is deemed less likely a success

2 Multiple traumas within fingers

3 Patient suffers from underlying conditions or other trauma which prevent the patient from lengthy surgery

4 Patient suffer from vascular disease

5 Patient suffer from psychological and mental issues that may prevent patient from following the surgical and treatment plans

6 Patients that arrive late at the hospital and therefore the digits have suffered from severe blood loss



            The surgical procedure involves the use of anesthetics which will render patient unconscious. During this time the doctor will shorten the bones within the severed fingers to allow reattachment of nerves and tendons without over stretching them. The procedure will follow the reattachment of blood vessels by the use of microscope.

​            After the procedure the patient will remain in the hospital for 5-7 days to administer antibiotics and to monitor the recovery process. During this time the doctor will monitor signs of abnormal blood flow to the end of the fingers, such as, contraction of blood vessels, coagulation of the veins and blood vessels. The coagulation of the blood vessels will require extensive surgical operation to correct the problem.

​             While recovering at the hospital the patient should avoid activities that may lead to the contraction of blood vessels, such as, drinking tea or coffee, smoking cigarettes, staying in cold temperatures and other activities that lead to excitement.

​              Once the digit show no sign of blood loss and the wound start to heal, the doctor may discharge patient and will schedule follow-up appointment to monitor the conditions of the patients until the bones have healed. After which the physical therapy will be recommended to encourage the healing effects.


by Doctor Saravit Veerasophon (Microsurgery Specialist)

Digital Replantation Center Samitivej Sriracha