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Arthroscopic Surgery and Sports Orthopedic Center

It is a fact that people of this new generation place huge importance on taking care of their health, in terms of both diet and exercise aimed at helping the body stay fit and strong. Sport and exercise come in many forms, with some exercise trends currently blowing up in popularity, such as football, running, fitness programs and cycling, all of which result in a stronger body. However, these sports and exercise programs also come with the risk of injury or accident.

Recognizing the importance of this issue, Samitivej Sriracha Hospital has established the Arthroscopic Surgery and Sports Orthopedic Center to prepare patients appropriately for any sports they wish to play. The center is also equipped to care for and treat patients with sport-related injuries. The center helps them to rehabilitate fully so that they can make a return to full fitness as soon as possible. All diagnoses and treatments are carried out to the highest standards by our team of specialists in the field.

Our services

The Arthroscopic Surgery and Sports Orthopedic Center consists of an experienced team of medical professionals, specialized in all aspects of orthopedic surgeons, physical therapists and sports medicine doctors. These experts help rehabilitate the body, bones and joints to full fitness, so that all of our patients can enjoy the confidence that they are receiving the best treatments available and are able to return to their normal daily lives as quickly as possible.

Care and treatments available for sports related injuries

  • We offer advice on injuries sustained through sport, exercise and even work.
  • We provide treatments and care for ligament inflammation, muscle and ligament tears, twisted joints, joint sprains, dislocated joints, tendinitis and broken or fractured bones, all of which are carried out using individually-tailored treatments and techniques that ensure each patient is able to recover as fast as possible.
  • We offer treatments according to the type of sport injury sustained, including orally administered medication, injections, brace, splint, physical therapy and arthroscopic surgery for hands, knees, shoulders, elbows, ankles and hips.

Post-surgery or post-injury recovery and rehabilitation

  • Tailor-made rehabilitation programs
  • Rehabilitation that restores the body’s health to its previous or even better level
  • Post-care physical therapy

Scope of our medical services

Advice is available on how to treat and care for any joint-related issues, such as joint surface damage, tendon damage, ligament damage, ligament tears or peripheral joint nerve damage. These types of injuries can have numerous causes, including sport- or non-sport-related accidents. For example, they can result from osteoarthritis of the joint ligaments, tendons or muscles, as well as some types of bone fractures that are attributable to overuse through sport, such as fatigue fractures. The available treatment covers injuries to all types of joints in the body, including the elbow, knee, shoulder, ankle and wrist.

Equipment and facilities

The Arthroscopic Surgery and Sports Orthopedic Center at Samitivej Sriracha Hospital is fully equipped with the latest and most innovative technologies available to provide a complete range of services, including diagnostics, treatments and physical therapy. These include:

  • Modern assessment rooms fully equipped with a complete range of medical devices
  • An operating theater prepared to the highest standards
  • High-level technology in the field of orthopedic diagnostics, such as X-ray facilities, ultrasound scanning devices and MRI scanners
  • A comprehensive rehabilitative center with specialists in the field of rehabilitative medicine, as well as experienced physical therapists who are highly trained in how to treat patients with joint problems, and who offer continuous pre- and post-surgery advice on how best to make a full recovery

Medical technologies available for use in diagnosis, treatment and care

  • Non-surgical treatments that are suited to patients with less severe injuries:
    Oral medication, medication that targets a specific injury (such as joint health supplements), physical therapy, targeted intravenous medication or joint injections
  • Surgical treatments: Arthroscopic surgery for joint conditions