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Delivery Package


Obstetric (Delivery) Package

by Women's Health Center


Standard Program   Hospital stay Price (THB) Price (THB)
Normal Labour 2 nights 64,900.- 66,900.-
Cesarean Section  3 nights 69,900.-   73,900.-
Cesarean Section + TR  3 nights 74,900.-  78,900.-

Terms & Conditions are subject to the hospital policies and regulations and may change without prior notice

  1. The stated prices include the following: delivery room, operating room, recovery room, medical supplies, medication during surgery, Obstetrician/Gynecologist, surgical assistant (in case of C-Section), Pediatric and Anesthesiologist (in case of C-Section)
  1. Prices are inclusive of blood platelet assessment, blood reservation and blood given pre-operation.
  1. Prices are inclusive of nursery, audio test for infant’s hearing, newborn screening for TSH&PKU, ABO&RH Blood Group Test, Total Bilirubin Blood Test, G6PD Deficiency and service fee.
  1. Prices are for a standard room. The actual price will be charged in accordance with the number of days and any change in room preference.
  1. The package is a standard price for pregnancy with no complication such as Diabetes Mellitus and blood pressure issue.
  1. In addition to price stated in N°.4, the price estimation for a patient with underlying conditions will be based on medical assessment. (Please consult with Obstetric and Gynecology Dept.)
  1. The package is not applicable to
  2. Pregnancy with severe pre eclampsia, Abruption placenta with complication.
  3. Patient with pre-natal care from other hospitals.
  4. If the pre-natal care is performed less than 2 times in Samitivej Sriracha or any hospital

                       in BDMS chain, and 1 out of those 2 times is not performed with Samitivej Sriracha.

  1. The stated price is exclusive of any expenses from patient’s pre- existing condition and

      costs incurred beyond the scope of the package.

  1. The stated price is exclusive of any medical fee related to an underlying disease and

      complication of patient and/or the infant.

  1. In case of emergency and the delivery is necessary, the package is applicable under the

      afore mentioned conditions.

  1. In cases of Cesarean Section, if there is a request for the removal of lump (no underlying

      disease), such as uterine fibroids or cysts the price will be in accordance with relevant


  1. For Cesarean Section, if an additional Doctor is needed, the cost of 4,000 THB is additional

      to all programs.

  1. If additional treatment is necessary in the Doctor’s opinion, the Doctor will inform the patient

      directly. However, in case of emergency, the treatment will be performed immediately and

      notification will be informed to the patient’s family.

  1. In case of Twin, the additional cost will be 15,000 THB (with no complication)
  2. The additional cost of 20,000 THB will be applied when the delivery is scheduled outside

      the normal operating time (20.00 P.M – 06.00 A.M).

  1. If natural labour is chosen and is not successful, it will be automatically converted to Cesarean

      Section. And 5,000 THB will be additionally charged.

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